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Breast Cancer – Not Just For The Ladies
06/10/10 8:00 PM

I’m sure many of you have noticed that women are posting “I like it on…” Facebook status updates or changing their picture background to pink. It’s definitely been raising some curiosity and even alarm, but the main goal is to raise awareness for breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year marks 25 years since this nationwide campaign was launched!

When I updated my Facebook status today with “I like it on the bedroom cabinet”, one of my friends was shocked, commenting immediately with “Are you OK???” and then following up with a text message to make sure that I was indeed ok and that my Facebook account wasn’t hacked! The “I like it” post obviously has a sexual connotation, which if perceived in that way, is truly out of character for me to post on Facebook. So although my friend’s reaction was a bit stronger than I expected (sorry I scared you my friend), naturally it was reasonable. However I still couldn’t help but laugh.

To my friend who deserves an explanation and everyone else out there who may not know, the “I like it” post actually answers the question, “Where do you like to put your purse?” It’s an interesting viral campaign, which seems to be working (it definitely got my friend’s attention), but why so much focus on keeping it a secret and why are only women targeted in this campaign? Although rare, men can have breast cancer too. Breast cancer doesn’t just involve the ladies. So why are men being left out? Since both sexes are affected, the question should really be more gender neutral like, “Where do you like to put your bag?” Come on men, speak up. Tell us where you like it too!

Exclusionary or not, the campaign got my attention in more ways than one, prompting me to want to take action. Not only by raising awareness, but also by learning more about the cause and helping with the fundraising efforts towards breast cancer research. As a result, I’ve created a wish to raise funds for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I chose this charity because it’s ranked #1 among the 5 top-rated pink ribbon charities. What makes it #1 is that over 90% of it’s funds go towards supporting the cause. Please check out my wish and take action too. Whether you choose to contribute to this important cause through SocialWish or any other website, your support is appreciated no matter where it goes.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Get involved.

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